About us

Although Cup and Cake is sort of new cafe, it has been appearing in this business quite a while as dortyadortiky.cz. Baking and cooking is our passion and that’s why we’ve decided to open this modern cafe where you can taste homemade cupcakes, cakes, fine coffee, fresh bagels and also homemade soups. All what we bake or cook we are making it with closeness and love. We are doing this that way because we want the perfect desert, soup or coffee for you. Everything what you can taste in our cafe is homemade, without food additives and preservatives.

Our production and fresh feedstock

We’ve spent days and nights of thinking and improving our recipes to get the best blend of ingredients what make delicious deserts and soups. Cakes, soups, cupcakes and bagels are made by hand with love. Everything is made from fresh feedstock.  We care for your perfect feeling about your visit in our cafe. We are still working on ourselves. We are always improving our offer and we bring you some news – new flavours of cupcakes, different kinds of soups, new blend of our coffee.


Cakes and deserts made by our experienced pastry-cook

Our sweet templation which make you smile on your face are products of our pastry-cook. She never uses any food additives. Everything is homemade without any chemistry. You can look forward to tasting naked cakes, chocolate cakes, sweet cupcakes, macrons, gluten free cakes and cakes without lactose. With every bites you can taste sweet cream, cream butter, delicious fine chocolate and fresh fruit